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An Underwriter’s Travel Insurance Plan Costs the Same REGARDLESS OF WHERE YOU BUY IT!

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Here’s how it works.

  1. ALL Travel Insurance Plans are “filed by an underwriter with the Department of Insurance (DOI).”
  2. The DOI then approves the plan’s coverage benefits, limitations, and pricing.
  3. The DOI assigns a Policy/Certificate identifier to the Plan. By law, the selling price for that filed plan can not be discounted regardless of who is selling it.
  4. One more time . . . “the filed plan’s coverage, benefit limits, and costwill be the same no matter where you buy it (provided it is the same Plan).
  5. This means, it will cost you the same if you buy the plan directly from the Provider . . . from your travel or tour operator . . . from 1 Travel Insurance/SquareMouth . . . or any other online site . . . period.
  6. So, you only need to “quote and purchase’ your Travel Insurance from one place . . . here.

Take a moment and learn about the Business Philosophy of 1 Travel Insurance and our partner Squaremouth.

WHO WE WERE . . . WHO WE ARE . . .

1 Travel Insurance has been looking out for our Travel Insurance customers’ peace of mind since 1994. With the underwriting help of CNA (Continental Casualty Insurance) we pioneered the Airport Travel Insurance industry by creating a select offering of custom Travel Insurance products sold only in airports. (These Travel Insurance Plans were geared to the Traveler desiring to purchase Trip Insurance coverage prior to boarding their aircraft.) 1 Travel Insurance was the largest provider of Travel Insurance in airports in North America for 5 years . . . before dedicating ourselves to the “Direct to the Consumer Online Travel Industry”.

Innovators again in 1996, we created the first Online Travel Insurance “comparison website” . . . offering premium hand-picked Travel Insurance Plans from World-class Underwriters and Providers . . . delivering customized Travel Protection products directly to the consumer . . . “The Best of The Best” Travel Insurance Plans . . . with one simple quote.


Times have changed, and so have the needs of Travelers. Offering only a few select Plans from a few choice Providers is no longer the best way for a Traveler to buy Travel Insurance. Travelers really do need more options . . . but trying to make the right decision for you and your family, with so many more choices today, can be confusing and overwhelming at best. As a result, 1 Travel Insurance is once again leading the way in the industry by re-inventing ourselves as a “platform to educate and inform” through a thorough comparison of your specific needs and Travel Insurance options. The “One Size Fits All” approach no longer works in the best interest for Travelers. Not all Travelers need a large Medical Expense benefit because their personal policy covers them. Not all Travelers want a large Baggage benefit. Our goal is to help you make the best and most informed decision for YOUR Trip Insurance needs.


With this in mind, 1 Travel Insurance has partnered with Squaremouth (a highly successful Travel Insurance comparison platform). Squaremouth provides the product comparison, quoting, and purchase process while we focus on the very important task of helping you become AN EDUCATED TRAVELER” through our Travel Insurance Blogs and 24/7 Customer Service Hot Line. We chose Squaremouth as our partner because:

  1. Every policy purchased through Squaremouth comes with the Zero Complaint Guarantee.
  2. Squaremouth has been providing online Travel Insurance Plans since 2006.
  3. Squaremouth staff are featured as topic experts in national media including The New York Times, CNN, and USA Today.
  4. Their site is one of the most complete and easy to use online today.
  5. Squaremouth offers visitors much more than a simple list of products and prices. They attract the traveler with a desire to learn more about the products they purchase.
  6. Visitors can sort through the Quote Results of 27 different underwriters by “quality of benefit” as well as by “provider and price”.
  7. Adding to the great Squaremouth service 1 Travel Insurance will of course bring our customers the same “knowledge based” service and support as in the past 20 years.
  8. 1 Travel Insurance “Where YOUR satisfaction will continue to be our top priority.”

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